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Alaa Aude - Histoire du gérant du service de restauration| Oldwolf

Who are we

Discover Old Wolf, the concept and the founder.

Hamburger avec des patates douces vu de dessus

The origin of Old Wolf

Old Wolf was born in 2019, when the world was affected by the Covid-19. Indeed, Alaa Aude - its founder - is a savvy cook whose sporty soul couldn't help but notice a lack of healthy, tailor-made food options in Switzerland.

Noting the multitude of fast food restaurants and pizerrias established not far from his home, he decided to make his passion a real mission: to fill this void with a food offer adapted to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

This is how the idea of Old Wolf was born.

Why Old Wolf

The wolf is an animal with which the chef identifies. Patient and resourceful, he knows how to adapt to his environment, just like Alaa did with his cooking. But beyond these criteria, the founder of Old Wolf believes above all in team spirit and sharing.

Indeed, Alaa regularly exchanges with its partners and customers on their needs, ideas and suggestions, in order to offer them a unique and memorable culinary experience.

Alaa Aude, fondateur de Old Wolf, préparant de savoureux cocktails

The kitchen

What is the chef's cooking style, favorite ingredients and signature dishes?

Alaa's style is a mix between oriental and European cuisine. The ingredients that inspire him in oriental cuisine are couscous, lentils and chickpeas which he seasons, for example with tagina spices.

For the chef, it's hard to give you a favorite because each dish represents a part of his personality and he loves them all. "If I have to choose, I would say a dish made with chicken supreme because they are low in fat and contain a lot of protein". Alaa also likes lamb koftas for their delicious taste, to be consumed in moderation.

One of the tasks that Alaa particularly appreciates is the composition of the dishes. Thanks to his experience, of course, he knows which foods will go best with the main element of the dish.

Finally, he likes to decline certain dishes with similar accompaniments and play with the combinations of spices to vary the pleasure while keeping a well-defined guideline.

A daily diet adapted to your needs without compromising on taste, it is possible thanks to Oldwolf

Alaa Aude
Leader of the Oldwolf Pack

La livraison se fait à partir de 5 repas. Si vous avez des requêtes à faire au Chef, n'hésitez pas à lui laisser une note personnelle dans les notes de commandes ou avec notre formulaire sur la page contact.


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